Buying office furniture can feel like a crapshoot sometimes, right?

You can find office chairs under a hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars. With the less expensive office furniture looking decent in their photos, how do you know which option to choose?
Maybe this is not a surprise but the answer to this depends on your plans. This is why it’s so important to design your office. You need to plan for what you will use the space for and then purchase appropriate furniture to support that end goal.

The problem with the cheap stuff is that it falls apart pretty quickly. It makes sense when you think about it. How could someone make a great quality chair that will last you 7-10 years for $59? So if you’re buying a $59 chair, it needs to be more for looks than for function.  

Most people will be buying furniture to use more often than an hour a month. So going with the cheapest option probably isn’t the best choice. But how do you know if that furniture is a good deal or just cheap stuff that will fall apart? In a time where amazon reviews may be fake or bought, let ICC help guide you to the right furniture for your space.