Research shows that sitting for long periods of time can lead to various lifestyle diseases. But when you are stuck at a desk job all day, what can you do? Some people try to stand during work as much as possible to avoid being completely sedentary. However, standing for long stretches of time can not only be painful, but there is also data that shows standing is not much more effective in energy expenditure than sitting. Rather than just standing or sitting, the real key here is movement.

The new trend in office furniture can solve your problem because you no longer have to choose between standing or sitting all day. Active office furniture can promote organic postures and movements in your body. As a result, it increases activity in order to improve employee health.

Active furniture is available in different colors and styles. Manufacturers also offer immense variety, from sit to stand desks and stability balls to standing mats and balance boards. They are designed specifically for offices to increase muscle movement while working. As a bonus, an increase in gentle activity while you work can promote improved focus.


The "Active Office" is all about building an environment that will encourage healthy working habits, energize the office, and even increase productivity and happiness. The concept behind active furniture is maintaining the ability to perform certain tasks that won’t be impacted by repetitive movements. There are different varieties of active furniture that you can choose from, according to your needs. Each employee has their own preferences and habits that may be served better with one type of active furniture versus another. This should be considered when selecting the type of furniture that is right for you. The following are some examples of active office furniture.


treadmilldesk_iccWe've all heard that we should be getting 10,000 steps a day. But in fact, the CDC does not specify an actual step count. It is recommended that we get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week. Quantifying exercise by counting steps can feel more doable and less overwhelming. An easy way to accomplish this is with a treadmill desk. You can perform simple tasks like reading emails and attend to calls while walking on the treadmill slowly.  

  • Even low-impact exercise helps your brain to release endorphins in your body. It helps reduce pain and spread a positive feeling in the body. 
  • Using a treadmill desk keeps your muscles moving, which prevents soreness or stiffness 
  • It can help reduce glucose levels in people suffering from type-2 diabetes.
  • Exercises help increase blood circulation in your body. With the help of a treadmill, patients with cardiovascular issues can keep their blood pressure in check.

sittostanddesk_iccThis type of desk encourages movement by allowing employees to change their posture from sitting to standing. It has adjustable height options. You will have fewer aches and pains in your body when you can change your posture at will.

  • Moving your body from a sitting to standing position, and vice versa, at regular intervals will burn more calories than just standing or sitting. 
  • Research found that bus conductors had a lower risk of heart disease than the driver of the bus who sits all day. Standing can help you to prevent heart diseases because it burns calories.
  • Many people experience increased back pain due to sitting for long periods of time with poor posture. A sit to stand desk gives them space to stand while working.

Using a chair ball is a great idea if you want to work while sitting, but still want to be active. When you sit on the chair ball, it forces your body to use its muscles in an attempt to maintain balance. You can also easily change your posture on the exercise ball. 

  • Chair balls increase core strength by forcing constant adjustments in your posture. This is especially true when reaching for different objects that may be located further from your position, which will force an adjustment in your posture using your core muscles.
  • Individuals with back pain may experience a benefit since chair balls promote using your core muscles to support the lower part of your back, improving your posture.
  • Increased blood flow to extremities will result from the constant movement generated by sitting on the chair ball. 

activebalanceboard_iccA balance board is like a chair ball, but is used in a standing position. Similar to the chair ball, it forces you to constantly adjust your position with small movements while standing and working. This type of active furniture is great for people who can do most of their work while standing, but should be used in moderation since some people may not feel comfortable standing in a somewhat unstable position all the time. 

  • Balance boards improve not only core strength, but also leg muscles since it involves adjustment using the lower extremities. 
  • This type of furniture will help you strengthen postural muscles, thus reducing back and neck pain that can result from prolonged sitting and poor posture.
  • By increasing muscle strength while doing everyday activities, you are more likely to reduce the likelihood of suffering from an injury.


We have all heard from health care professionals that we should get more movement into our day. Muscles need movement to increase your lifespan and improve the quality of your daily life. Having a job where you sit at a desk all day can make this difficult! Active furniture can be part of the solution. If you are looking for comfortable furniture but also want to increase your activity level, Active furniture is the right choice for you. With a wide range of items to choose from, we are sure you will find what works best for you and your employees at ICC Business Products.