Cheap gas, an urge to get out of the house, and lingering fears of crowded public places during the COVID-19 outbreak have seen the rise or return of a summertime classic here in America.  According to the experts, although Americans have still been hesitant to continue with their summer vacation plans, “the greatest share of travelers—683 million—will take to the road to satisfy their wanderlust” states Paula Twidale, AAA’s senior vice president of Travel. AAA, North America’s largest motoring and leisure travel organization, have been paying great attention to the shift in transportation for Americans during the COVID-19 outbreak. Based on their predictions, car trips will reign supreme this summer, accounting for 97 percent of summer travel. Car trips will also see the smallest decrease in travel volume at just 3 percent, while air travel will be down about 74 percent. Rail, cruise ship and bus travel will slide by 86 percent. Even though the economy has reopened in many parts of the United States, experts still recommend social distancing and thus car trips are being seen as the best way to still take a vacation this summer. With no true end to the COVID-19 outbreak in sight, the road trip might be the safest bet for travel accommodations for the foreseeable future. Getting your brand or logo on a road trip essential might just be the best way to make sure that you stay on the top of your client’s mind! Although these are all great options, the best promotional item for you all depends on your brand, so this list is in no particular order or ranking. If you see any items that you would like to learn more about then feel free to reach out to your ICC Client Support Specialist or contact us at


The Road Trip™



// Order Minimum: 1

Starting off the list with another twist on a classic, the Road TripTM by HandStands Promotions, is perfect for road trips or even commutes to work. Charging devices while on the go, this charging cup measures 4" x 3 1/8" x 2.75" and is conveniently designed to fit into car cup-holder slots. Unlike most car chargers, the Road Trip was designed with the end user in mind. As its unique shape allows for a hidden and more professional look than the usual bulky car charges that stick out of your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port. Plus, the 3 separate USB ports allow for charging of multiple devices at the same time! Imprinted with a 4-color process and finished with a fireglaze dome, you can be sure that your logo will pop on the sleek matte black exterior of the Road TripTM.


SipGrip™ To Go Car Coaster


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// Order Minimum: 100

The Road TripTM is not the only cup-holder promotional product that HandStands has to offer, and just like the Road TripTM, this next item is an improvement on a classic car related promotional product. The SipGripTM To Go is the next generation of car cup holders. Unlike ceramic which is typically the most common material used to make car coasters, the SipGripTM is made with a soft fabric top and a recycled non-skid rubber base that keeps it in place. As an avid drive-through goer, I have always been a fan of coasters for the cup-holders. However, I’d be lying if I did not admit that the usual stone coasters do have some defects including the loud rattle they make whenever a drink is not holding them down or a turn that is a little sharper than expected. Luckily the non-skid rubber base of the SipGripTM puts an end to that problem. On top of that, the SipGripTM is both machine washable and made with antimicrobial materials to help protect from odors or germs. A feature that consumers have grown to appreciate more thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether you order this item in bulk, individually packaged, or paid in a two-pack, you cannot go wrong with this car coaster from the future.


Gravitis™ Wireless Car Charger


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COVID-19 wasn’t the only big change to affect travelers this summer, well at least this is the case for Indiana Drivers. On July 1st of 2020 Indiana, Idaho, and South Dakota joined 22 states and the District of Columbia, in the fight against distracted driving as their respected Hands Free Driving laws took effect. Indiana law will now prohibit drivers holding mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in their hands while driving to reduce distracted driving and improve safety on Hoosier roadways.

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In other words, if you do not have a bluetooth headset or hands-free device for your phone then you might want to invest in one. Although most headphones nowadays already allow for users to talk on the phone and answer calls with a push of a button, the real challenge for drivers will be in how they use their phone’s GPS services. Indiana’s law does allow drivers to use their phones as maps while driving but only through the use of a hands-free device. I myself am a visual learner so I need to look at a map while following directions, and if you are like me then the GravitisTM is the perfect solution as it turns your car’s air vent into a hands-free charging dock for your phone. Allowing you to glance at your GPS without taking your hands off the wheel! With adjustable grips and universal Qi charging capabilities, this phone holder is compatible with all the top brands. It’s no wonder that this product was recently named Best Tech Accessory by the Counselor Product Design Awards 2019! With a full color dome imprint, individual packaging, and an order minimum of just one piece, this makes the perfect gift for your high-end clients. Looking for a more economical option? Don’t worry, our next item on the list still will do the trick!


Clip-IT Dashtop™

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// Order Minimum: 100

If price is your concern, fear not as ICC still has a great option for mounting your phone hands-free while driving. What it lacks in charging capabilities, it makes up for in versatility! The Clip-IT Dashtop™ phone mount will secure your phone while traveling over any terrain thanks to its non-skid rubber gripper, designed to keep a tight grip all while providing an easy view of your phone screen. Whether you decided to use the air vent attachment or 3M adhesive mount, your phone will swivel easily to the angle of your choosing thanks to this product's ball socket mount. Just like the GravitisTM, this phone holder is imprinted with a full color epoxy dome label. Which means your brand’s logo will still look sharp even with this economical option.


Dip Trip™ Vehicle Sauce Holder

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// Order Minimum: 1

You can call this last entry an honorable mention but like I mentioned earlier in this post if you live life in the drive through lane and if you or your clients, or even your sales team, is anything like me then I know they will get a kick out of this nifty little promotional item. Just like the Gravitis™ and the Clip-IT™, the Dip Trip™ is designed to lock into your car’s air vent and function as a sturdy holder for your most precious cargo. Only this time that precious cargo is the sweet tasty dipping sauce of your favorite restaurant! Users will show off your logo with pride as they effortlessly dip nuggets and fries at every red light. It’s quirky, unique, and believe it or not very popular. Making its way onto the social media of some of the internet’s top influencers, this promotional product will be sure to make your company stand out. 

That wraps up another list for ICC, did we forget any of your favorite summertime promo products? If so, then we might have covered them on our list of “8 Hot Promo Items for the Summertime”, if not then let us know which product you think is essential for a road trip in the comments below.  Keep in mind that no matter what your business is, it pays to market it! These are some great starting out options but the best promo item is one that fits your brand! Needing to do some work of your own? ICC’s online catalog has everything you need to run your business, even branding products!

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