They say that Halloween is the only thing keeping the Holiday Shopping Season from starting any earlier in the year. However, when it comes to planning corporate gifts or holiday campaigns, you’ll need to have your orders placed in November if you want to ensure a timely arrival. Whether it’s embroidered apparel or branded promotional products, most custom items can take a minimum of 7 business days for production. To be fair, custom does mean one of a kind, and thus the more custom or unique an item is the longer it takes to produce. It is also worth noting that just like the rest of 2020, this holiday season will not be normal by any means. With the US still being in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, most workers are either working from home or working under socially distanced conditions. This will play a huge factor on the world of corporate gifts as not only will production take longer, but companies will also have to account for the transit time and cost of shipping out gifts to employees. Which is why I strongly encourage you to start placing your orders for the holiday season now. Are you unsure about what items would make a great gift set? Fear not, as today’s Blog Post helps you get ahead of the holiday rush with the Top 5 Office Holiday Gifts Kits of 2020 that will actually get some use. 

Before we dive into the list, allow me to provide some background on the thought process that went into creating it. Consumer Reports have already begun to highlight some unique attributes about the buying patterns of Americans during 2020. We have already touched on how COVID-19 has played a major effect on the workplace landscape, but it has also affected consumer habits as well. As people are spending more time at home and expanding their baking and cooking skills, many gifts will follow suit. Items like baking tools, cookbooks, and home office accessories will surge in popularity this year. Some retailers are even going as far as declaring 2020 the year of the practical gift. Now “practical” may not be an exciting adjective, especially when it’s used to describe a gift, but there is power in practicality. As practical gifts actually get used instead of discarded. Ultimately the goal of any promotional product should be continuous use, that way your brand can get maximum exposure. Not to mention the recipient of your gift, whether it be a client or an employee, will actually be grateful to receive it! One last thing before we start off the list, although these kits are conveniently grouped together in themed sets, every item can still be purchased individually as well.


Bakers Kit

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// Order Minimum: 25

The first gift set on our list is perfect for all of those amateur chefs who’ve spent their summer perfecting their crafts. Composed of a Cookie Cutter Set, a Glitz Silicone Spatula, and Cell Gel Mounts. If you read our last product highlight post then you’ll know that I am a big fan of hands-free cell phone mounts so you can say I might be biased. That being said, this little gadget proves to be quite useful as it is perfect for mounting your device on the wall and away from the splash zone of the mixing bowl.

201123-Blog Pic 9

Its strong adhesive allows it to fit to most clean flat surfaces. Whether I am watching a tutorial or reading a recipe, I can do so all without leaving my prep station.


Cozy Comfort Coffee Kit

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201123-Blog Pic 4

// Order Minimum: 10

Another activity synonymous with the holiday season, and winter in general, is cozying up on the couch with a nice blanket and a hot drink. Which is why the Cozy Comfort Coffee Kit makes a perfect luxury gift for your more cherished customers. With a minimum order quantity of just 10 pieces, this gift set focuses on quality rather than quantity. Clients can cozy up in the Chateau Chenille Fringed Blanket embroidered with your company’s logo. The set also includes a custom box of chocolates, a bag of ground coffee that you can enjoy in the 20 Oz. Two Tone Himalayan Tumbler. Crafted with double wall insulation will keep your drink hot, or cold, for up to 6 hours. Perfect for keeping your coffee hot on those cold errand runs or even keep your ice from melting as you cozy up by a nice fire.


Popcorn Kernel Set with Seasonings

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// Order Minimum: 50

Whether it’s watching the Hallmark Channel, The Miracle on 34th Street, or Die Hard, I am sure we all have some sort of family tradition that revolves around watching movies during the holiday season. Regardless of the film, it’s not a true movie experience without the popcorn. Our Popcorn Kernel Set comes with microwavable multi-color kernel popcorn, cheddar cheese and sour cream and onion seasoning. Cheddar cheese is a classic popcorn seasoning but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the Sour Cream and Onion is my favorite of the two. It may sound weird but it surprisingly works well. Another great feature about this set is that its small gift box wrapping makes it easy to ship out to either clients or employees working from home!


15 OZ. Campfire Mug with Mug Suffer™

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// Order Minimum: 144

Speaking of small gifts that are perfect for shipping to individuals, the next gift set on our list is the 15 oz. Campfire Mug with Mug Stuffer! Whether in a cabin or in a cubicle, you will cherish this unique ceramic mug with a retro granite design. Unlike the Cozy Comfort Coffee Kit, you get some flexibility of the choice of snacks to stuff your mug. Choose from either Red Hots, Starlite Mints, Jelly Beans, Chocolate Espresso Beans, Cashews, Mentos Assorted Fruit, Busta Bears, skittles, or even Animal Crackers! No matter what filler you choose, you can be sure that you’ll be spreading Holiday Cheer with this bow topped bundle.


Work From Home Kit

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// Order Minimum: 25

Another great gift set for your employees working from home can be found in the Work From Home Kit. As you could guess from the name, this kit comes with everything you need to keep the same productivity, even with a change of your typical office scenery. Featuring a calculator, stationary set filled with paper and binder clips, the 5-In-1 Cosmo Charging Buddy, and last but definitely not least; a 3-Port USB Hub Mouse Pad.

201123-Blog Pic 7

Featuring 3 high speed USB ports, this neoprene mouse pad is the perfect gift for any worker as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Whether you use a laptop or a tower computer, we all run into trouble when it comes to USB ports. I have a tower computer but the USB ports are all taken up by computer peripherals like my mouse, keyboard, and the latest addition of a webcam for those pesky virtual meetings. On the other side of the spectrum is my wife who works on a laptop with only 2 USB ports to chose from. In both scenarios USB ports are a scarce commodity!

Are there any other gifts that you may be wanting this holiday season? If so, then we might have covered them on our list of “8 Hot Promo Items for the Summertime”, and if not, let us know which products that you're looking for this holiday season in the comments below.  Keep in mind that no matter what your business is, it pays to market it! These are some great starting out options but the best promo item is one that fits your brand! If you see any items that you like, feel free to reach out to your ICC Client Support Specialist or contact us at Needing to do some work of your own? ICC’s online catalog has everything you need to run your business, even branding products!

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